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Environmental services have been reached on a new exigency during this era. Our services provide evaluation and wisdom on environmental concerns for public and private the industries engineering, construction and operation phases, public works and the infrastructure,health compliance With a full staff of Engineers,Environmental Regulatory Experts,Environmental Consultants, expert lab analysis; we assure complete, trustworthy and reliable services

Our dedicated experts address specific project requirements at every stage of a project’s lifespan, from initial consents and analysis to the project execution, implementation,and maintenance. We implement practical strategies for the responsible development and facilitating project approvals with respect to compliance and practical project execution.

We serve globally with our clientele spread across Europe, Middle East, North America, Africa etc. With our expert solutions, we cater to the dynamic sector of environmental services. If you are stuck with problems catering to the environment, then connect with us to find the perfect solution


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Services We Provide

Environmental Risk Assessment

TEPL offers environment risk assessment to various developmental projects across the globe. Our in-house team is well acquainted with the sectoral expertise and experience required to predict the associated risks and mitigate with solutions that are feasible.

It Includes,
  • Risk Assessment.
  • Risk Mitigation Measures.
  • Recommendations.

Environmental Due Diligence Report

Environmental due diligence is the service that covers the technical and legal considerations before any project is initiated or any acquisition is kick started. We help you safeguard your interests by conducting a thorough analysis by conducting the environmental due diligence.

It Covers,
  • Project Location Study
  • Geomorphological & Landscape Assessment
  • Climatic Assessment
  • Legal Considerations
  • Biodiversity Assessment
  • Heritage Assessment
  • Socio Political Considerations

Environmental Audit

A third party environmental audit helps you to identify the gaps in your facility. The recommendations suggested refurbish the existing system by implementing the suggested recommendations.

It Includes,
  • Energy Audit (Renewable & Nonrenewable) .
  • Waste Management Audit
  • Biodiversity/ Ecology Audit
  • Water Audit

Waste Water Treatment Solutions

Sewage Treatment plant is an effective process to remove contaminants from domestic / industrial sewage. We provide design, installation, commissioning, and operation & maintenance process with physical, chemical, and biological treatment processes to eliminate wastewater parameters and meet the standards for emission of pollutants set by the Government.

Technolgies We Provide
  • Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR)
  • Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)
  • Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR)

Effluent Treatment Solutions

Our Effluent Treatment Plant solutions are effective in the removal of contaminants from various industrial process such as textiles, dairy, hospitals, Sugar etc. and achieving the HSE targets. We provide complete ETP solutions that is from designing, fabrication, installation to operation and maintenance.

Sectors We served
  • Commercial Complexes
  • Academic Institutes, Hospitals, Paint Industries, Textile Industries, Chemical factories, Distilleries & Breweries, Hotels

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Solutions

It is an advanced wastewater treatment wherein all the wastewater is recycled leaving no amount of water discharged from the facility. We offer turnkey project for ZLD which encompasses design, supply, installation, operation and maintenance.

Sectors We Served
  • Infrastructure Building & Construction Projects
  • Academic Institutes
  • Hospitals

Industrial Noise Mapping/Monitoring

We utilize advance technologies to predict the noise that could be generated at the facility during various project phases including construction and operation. The impact on surroundings and on the working personnel is quantified and analyzed with the support of noise monitoring during actual construction phase to provide sustainable and practical solution to follow the noise standards.

It covers,
  • Noise Predictions
  • Noise Level Calculations For Restricted And Non-restricted Areas
  • Marking Of Areas For restricted usage
  • Vicinity area noise Calculations
  • Noise Barrier Requirements

Operation and Maintenance Contracts

After effective installation of waste water treatment plants, effluent treatment plants and Zero Water Discharge plants it is important to operate and maintain the plant in functional state. We have trained resources to efficiently operate and maintain the plants. Effective operation minimizes the maintenance costs and enhance the longevity of the waste water treatment plants, ETPs and ZLDs.

We offer operation and maintenance services for,
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Effluent Treatment Plants
  • Zero Liquid Discharge Plants

Technologies We Provide

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor(MBBR)
Sequencing Batch Reactor(SBR)
Membrane Bio Reactor(MBR)